The Economic Impact of Allergan’s Operations

As a global biopharmaceutical company that enhances people’s wellbeing through innovative treatments, Allergan plays an important role in its communities.

In 2017, Allergan is combining four of its existing New Jersey facilities into a new 430,000 square foot U.S. Administrative Headquarters in Madison, New Jersey. The Madison consolidation project involves 400 direct construction jobs and $106.5 million of non-recurring expenditures, which will have a significant economic impact in the State of New Jersey.

The community and social impact of Allergan goes well beyond its direct and indirect economic footprint. Since 2012, the Allergan Foundation has contributed nearly $900,000 in contributions to a wide range of nonprofit organizations across New Jersey, with more than $720,000 in contributions in the past two years.

1,700 People in Ireland Allergan employs a high proportion of 3rd level graduates

Now in its 40th year of operations in Ireland, Allergan is a global life-science innovation leader providing high-skill employment and high-tech R&D investments for the Irish economy.

Taking into account Allergan’s employment, employee compensation, capital spending, and charitable giving in California, Allergan’s estimated total direct, indirect, and induced impacts will generate 16,605 jobs providing a California labor income of $1.55 billion. Additionally, the value-added impacts associated with Allergan California operations in 2016 will reach $3.45 billion, while overall output is estimated to be $6.35 billion.

$713,000 corporate citizen Allergan's contribution to nonprofit organizations in Waco, TX, since 2010

After more than a quarter-century at its 69-acre site in Texas Central Park in Waco, Allergan employs more than 750 skilled employees. Allergan has provided strong job security, with half of its Waco employees having more than five years of company service and a quarter of employees with more than ten years.

Since 2010 Allergan has demonstrated its importance as a corporate citizen in Waco by contributing more than $713,000 to local nonprofit organizations.

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The economic impact of Allergan’s operations in Ireland, March 2017.
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New Jersey
The economic impact of Allergan’s operations in New Jersey, October 2016.
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The Economic Impact of Allergan on the Central Texas Economy, January 2016.
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The economic impact of Allergan on the California economy, September 2016.
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The economic impact of Allergan’s operations in France, September 2017.
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