Allergan lab

A Different R&D Path

Game-Changing Ideas & Innovation

The biopharmaceutical innovation ecosystem has shifted. Where global pharma companies had previously discovered, developed and delivered new products from their own labs, the driving source of innovation today is coming from smaller biotechnology and pharma companies, as well as academia.

Given this shift in innovation origination, we have sought to follow a different R&D path than other companies.

We embrace a model that defines our position in this new ecosystem – as a magnet for game-changing ideas and innovation. A large percentage of our pipeline is sourced by partnering with biotech companies, academia and other pharmaceutical companies globally. Through this approach, we drive strong R&D productivity by delivering innovative therapies that create long-term shared value for Allergan, for customers and for patients.

Driving Innovation in Four Core Therapeutic Areas

Our R&D model has helped to build leadership in several therapeutic areas and drive the Company's long-term growth. Today, Allergan is rich with programs in development across four core therapeutic areas, with key candidates for global development in Medical Aesthetics and Dermatology, Eye Care, Central Nervous System disorders and Gastroenterology.

Through this R&D strategy, we have added product opportunities from the innovation ecosystem across our key therapeutic areas. All programs enter our best-in-class product development and commercialization organization to build a sustainable portfolio that addresses unmet needs and aligns with our key therapeutic areas.

We are committed to this strategy, and to continuing to invest significant dollars in R&D annually.