Our Social Contract with Patients
The health care industry has had a long-standing unwritten social contract with patients, physicians, policy makers and the public at large. Now is the time to take action to spell out what this social contract means to me.  By doing so, I am conveying to my Allergan colleagues that we must keep this social contract in mind as we make business decisions that ultimately improve wellbeing, and as a result, address the hopes others place in us.
The Value of Vacation. Many of us find it hard to break away from work. Even when we take a vacation, we are attached to our iPhones, laptops and conference call lines. It means that the time away is really only time away from the office, not the work. What matters...
A Wake-Up Call to Defeat the Stigma of Mental Illness and Mental Health Treatment. Can a moment like this serve as the long-needed wake up call for each of us to understand the need to destigmatize mental health treatment and mental illness itself?
Mental Illness – A Growing Problem That Needs Our Focus. Mental illness is a big and growing problem in the U.S. and globally, yet we are far behind other diseases in understanding the basic science and innovating treatments and cures for these conditions. 
The Power of Investment in Growth and Innovation. At Allergan, we have a strong commitment to investing in innovation to improve the lives of patients by addressing difficult to treat diseases. While investing in scientific innovation can be risky, a supportive legal and regulatory...
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