Social Media Enhances My Interactions with Customers
As a young executive at Schering-Plough, I learned a lot from Fred Hassan about the importance of ‘Being Connected’ and ‘Tuning In’ to customers by spending time with them and our front-line sales teams.
Building a Consensus on Medical Aesthetic Treatment for Minors. As the father of two high school age girls, I am sensitive to the societal pressures they face – to look a certain way or meet a certain standard. And as the leader of Allergan, I appreciate how medical aesthetic technologies can...
Helping our Daughters Stick with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

As the CEO of a biopharma company that is focused on innovation for patients, I was struck recently by the scientific thinking and discovery happening at an event that might surprise you: my daughter’s high school science fair.

Our Vision for Fighting Preventable Blindness. Macular degeneration. Glaucoma. Diabetic retinopathy. These are among the diseases that are causing 61 million Americans – more than the populations of California and Florida combined – to be at risk for severe vision loss and...
Does A Trump Administration Equal Status Quo for Drug Pricing? Think Again. . With the election of Donald Trump as our next President, is the focus off drug prices? Will things go back to business as usual? Will changes to the Affordable Care Act, the economy, jobs and immigration consume all of the political oxygen in...
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