Angela Hodge

A Performer’s Mentality

“To me, being bold is about connecting with people, just knowing that what I’m doing is actually having an impact on someone’s life – that all the work that I’m doing is actually leading to something.”

Angela Hodge puts the human connection at the center of whatever she does. Whether she is building bridges with customers and between our sales and marketing teams, or she’s singing with her band and making audiences swoon, Angela simply loves to connect with people.

Angela spent the beginning of her career singing semiprofessionally, recording songs for movies, as well as providing backup vocals for the likes of the Spice Girls and Paul McCartney.

“I realized that I didn’t want to do music professionally,” she said. “I didn’t feel like I, personally, had what it took to be a recording artist. Other people had told me I should have, but I didn’t feel like, at the time, I had what I needed.”

Powering Creativity at Allergan

Around the same time, in 2010, Angela joined Allergan as a Sales Operations professional working with the Botox Neurology group for Europe. She immediately found the added joy of helping people in a significant way while still being her engaging, creative self.

She also quickly realized that, not only did she enjoy the work that she was doing at Allergan, but her coworkers and the culture within Allergan truly suited her bold attitude.

With the intricacies of her job requiring steadfast planning and swift decision-making, Angela was able to continue to be creative and artistic while engaging with people through a very different medium than singing.

The Joy of the Job

“Being at Allergan and the role that I am in – it’s the longest [tenure] I have ever had because every day is different. I enjoy that…it’s the joy of the job.”

Angela’s passion for music lives on through her band, playing at parties and weddings, as well as helping fellow musicians’ charities. She is able to transfer her performer’s mentality over to her job at Allergan, where her passion shines through all the same.

“There are aspects of my job that enable me to be creative,” Angela said. “I think the reason that I enjoy planning meetings is that it’s like getting ready for a gig. In terms of the presentation and the room, there's a performance in terms of the way things are done and thinking creatively about how we can do stuff. The correlation is the creativity.”

In front of a microphone or planning an event, Angela does it all with the passion and vigor of someone who is truly Bold for Life.