Ricardo Rouillon: Pedal to the Metal

For Ricardo Rouillon and the Allergan Costa Rica team, achieving sustained excellence is just like riding a bike.

Life is challenging. Building a successful career, raising a strong family, becoming a high-performing athlete — doing any single one of these things requires dedication, hard work and skill … but doing all three? That’s Bold.

That’s Ricardo Rouillon, of Allergan Costa Rica.

By Building Bridges at Allergan, Ricardo has been able to adjust his career path: his first position was in customer service and he's now part of our industrial engineering team.

Six years ago, Ricardo came to Allergan because, as he put it, “I thought it was a place where I could develop my career.”

He was right. After starting as a customer service representative, Ricardo grew his network in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S., making international working relationships one of his strengths." He continued to educate himself until he became an industrial engineer, and now he is a manager of global demand & control who handles forecasting for the company.

One of his chief accomplishments in this role was working with his supply chain director to bring new divisions from the States to Costa Rica.

“We realized we could handle global demand management here in Costa Rica,” he says. “So, I saw that opportunity and thought, ‘Why can’t we do this?’ Now, it’s being done. I took the responsibility, and it has eased the burden on the U.S. and other regions also.”

Ricardo and his Costa Rican team members consistently Act Fast — and they’re recognized for it.

“We always keep acting fast in mind,” says Ricardo. “When any region or client has a specific need, we try everything possible to solve it in 24 hours or less.”

Because of the team’s efforts, Allergan Costa Rica has been deemed “Plant of the Year” twice in a row.

“It’s not easy to win Plant of the Year,” Ricardo says. “We won it because every area gave its best effort … Demand Management, Customer Service, Production, Quality Control, Warehouse — every division is focused on a single objective.”

For Ricardo, being the world’s best Allergan plant isn’t enough. He wants to help other plants Build Bridges and succeed; the way he sees it, this will motivate the Costa Rica plant to continually elevate its game, and Allergan as a whole will benefit from the competition.

“In many cases, Costa Rica is the baseline for plants everywhere,” he says. “And this makes me proud to work here at Allergan.”

Ricardo doesn’t just excel when he’s on the clock at work. At home, he raises a family … and in his spare time, he’s a professional cyclist.

Outside of work, Ricardo is a family man who is extremely passionate about sports — so much so that, for the entire time he’s worked at Allergan, Ricardo has competed in professional cycling.

“I was concerned at first because I logically wanted to work, since I had a family, says Ricardo. “My wife wanted to start having children. But I also wondered, ‘What about sports?’”

Thanks to the flexibility he's been able to create for himself at Allergan, Ricardo can say he's found success professionally, competitively, and in his family life. Allergan has even supported his professional cycling exploits by becoming one of his principal sponsors.

Currently, Ricardo is preparing for the most important cycling race in the country — La Ruta de Los Conquistadores —known as the toughest race in the world. The three-day, 300-km trek across Costa Rica attracts international cyclists.

“I’m preparing to win the race,” he says. This year will mark the sixth time he’s competed in La Ruta, and he’s already coming off his best finish ever: After coming in 400th and 380th his first couple attempts, Ricardo got a little better each year … until last year, he finished fourth.

This year, he’s giving it all that he has so his team can win.


At Allergan, Ricardo says, “I feel like I am in the right place, and the place where I want to be.”

What he likes about the company, first and foremost, are its people. “And second of all, it’s the great possibility that we all have as employees to pursue not only professional but personal growth, which is so important,” he says. “There are companies that focus solely on the professional. But Allergan cares a lot about the integral values of its people, and that’s what really motivates me most of all.”

As an example of Allergan’s commitment to achievement in and out of the workplace, Ricardo Rouillon is Bold for Life.