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$200,000 Awarded in Funding for the Tissue Innovation Challenge

Allergan is pleased to announce the finalists in the inaugural Tissue Donation Innovation Challenge.

The Challenge focused on bridging the gaps in future availability of skin tissue to meet patient needs and to identify innovative ways to maximize the gift of skin donation. Donated skin tissue processed by Allergan helps thousands of patients with important medical needs, however, the demand for tissue exceeds the available supply.

Non-profit organizations in the tissue donation & recovery community were invited to apply with ideas that were judged based on originality, impact on solving the gap in available donated skin tissue, scalability and partnership with another entity. The goal will also be to share winning concepts broadly throughout the broader tissue donation and recovery community.

The four winners were selected by a panel of three independent judges and receive a total of $200,000 in charitable donation funding to jump start implementation of their winning concepts...

First Place: $100,000 donation

LifeBanc Cleveland – Hope & Healing To Others Through End of Life
Partner with a major hospice provider to educate patients entering hospice regarding the option of skin donation. Funding to support a dedicated project coordinator and development of materials.

Second Place: $50,000 donation

Life Alaska Donor Services – Reinventing Donor Reconstruction to Maximize Skin Recovery
Develop a dermal reconstruction product that will function for musculoskeletal and/or full-thickness skin recovery to maximize recovery and allow for donor reconstruction. Funding to cover alpha and beta testing, and preparation for launch.

Third place: $25,000 donation each

Indiana Donor Network – Increasing Transplants By Reducing GI Contaminants
There are donors being recovered that are discarded over GI tract bacteria. They proposed utilizing face masks and AV closures on donors to prevent GI bacteria from escaping. Funding to cover cost of extra materials needed during recovery.

Iowa Donor Network – Increasing Skin Donation Through Education, Expertise and Collaboration with Funeral Homes
Create and develop an easily accessible web-based application to provide real-time case information and resources to improve Funeral Home relationships and communication. Funding to cover software development of the web-based app.

Congratulations to the winners!