train goers wearing protective face masks

Allergan Donates ¥1 Million to Aid China in the Fight Against Coronavirus


Just days before the Lunar Chinese New Year, the pneumonia-causing Coronavirus quickly escalated in the city of Wuhan.

With communities in dire need of medical masks, robes, gloves, eye-wear and other protective equipment, the Chinese government called on manufacturers, healthcare foundations and companies for these supplies.

Allergan China acted fast to answer the call, becoming one of the first domestic and global healthcare companies to support Wuhan's fight against the virus, and our China leadership team worked through the eve of Chinese New Year to secure the ¥1 Million donation.

“Thanks to the long-term relations and mutual trust between Allergan China and the well-recognized Chinese Red Cross Foundation, our pledge was unanimously approved by our leadership team and immediately accepted by the Foundation,” explains White Wang, President of Allergan China. “A big thank you to our local team members who paused their holiday to make this happen.”