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Breast Aesthetics

Each woman who considers breast augmentation, revision and reconstructive surgery is unique, with her own personal goals for surgery and her desired aesthetic appearance. This individuality demands a broad range of breast implant options of varying shapes, fillers, projections and textures.

A diverse group of women choose breast aesthetic surgery each year. Many of these women desire a more proportionate figure, which can be achieved by restoring or reshaping the look of their breasts. Whether after breast feeding, the birth of a child, significant weight loss or surviving breast cancer, women often choose breast surgery to match their outer appearance with the positive way they feel on the inside.

Allergan is committed to helping women make sense of the options that are available to them in breast aesthetics today. We achieve this by channeling women to the right resources, such as information on product options at, important safety information about implant options and the procedure at, and by connecting them with surgeons in their area who will be their partner and ensure they obtain the best surgical experience possible.

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