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Natrelle® Gel and Saline Breast Implants

For more than 25 years, Natrelle® gel and saline breast implants have been available to women in more than 60 countries for breast augmentation, revision and reconstructive surgery.

The Natrelle® Collection offers women the industry's widest range of safe and high-quality breast implant options. From saline and silicone gel filler, to smooth and textured surfaces and varying shapes, to low, moderate and high profile (projection) and a range of volumes, women today have more options than ever before in breast aesthetics. This is critical to a woman's ability to achieve an individualized, aesthetic result based on her unique body type and surgical goals.

As a leader in the medical aesthetics industry, Allergan is committed to providing the highest quality education to women considering breast aesthetic surgery so that she, along with her surgeon, can make an informed and educated decision about what is right for her. Looking ahead, we will continue to lead the science-based innovation in the area of breast aesthetics by offering women and their surgeons more options with additions to our extensive collection of high-quality breast implant devices.

Natrelle® Saline Breast Implant Labeling and Safety Information (PDF) 
Natrelle® Silicone Gel Breast Implant Labeling and Safety Information (PDF) 
Natrelle® 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Filled Breast Implant Labeling and Safety Information (PDF) 
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