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Contact Information

Actavis Administrative HQ

Morris Corporate Center III
400 Interpace Parkway
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Tel: 862-261-7000

Actavis Investor Relations

Tel: 862-261-7488

Actavis Media Relations

Tel: 862-261-8030

Investor Contacts

Joann Bradley
(714) 246-4766

David Nakasone
(714) 246-6376

Media Contacts

If you are a member of the media with a question about Allergan or its products, please contact our Global Corporate Affairs & Public Relations Department.

United States

Corporate Media Inquiries

Bonnie Jacobs
Office: (714) 246-5134
Cell: (856) 912-9965
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Cathy Taylor
Office: (714) 246-5551
Cell: (949) 293-4453
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Product Media Inquiries

Heather Katt
Urologics & Eye Care Office: (714) 246-6224
Cell: (714) 697-2981
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Lanie Shapero
Facial Aesthetics, Breast Aesthetics & Medical Dermatology
Office: (908) 203-2631
Cell: (732) 991-4368
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Ember Garrett
Topical Aesthetics, Breast Aesthetics & Medical Dermatology
Office: (714) 246-3525
Cell: (949) 413-6091
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Janet Kettels
Europe, Africa and the Middle East
Office: +44-7738-506476
Cell: +44-1628-494421
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To Contact the Board of Directors:

Matthew J. Maletta
Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Secretary
2525 Dupont Drive
Irvine, CA 92612